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Last Icon Maker Standing
Round Six: Sign Up Post 
23rd-May-2009 08:19 pm
Daniel Craig || CR | V/B



I'm gonna get this thing started early. Trying to keep it in line with my other LIMS comm. :P

Standard Rules:
✖ You MUST be a member of the community. Watching the comm is your choice, but it is highly advisable that you watch the comm.
✖ To sign up for round six, please comment to this post with the form found below.
✖ Sign ups (AND SKIPS) will remain open until the first challenge's voting goes up.

Skips & Promos:
✖ You can get another skip for a total of two skips by advertising this community in any permissible place on LJ. Just leave a link here with the link.

Fill Out

00mina 1(C03) C11
26days 1(C02) C04
allllure 1(C05) C07
americangrl69 1 C05
astral_angel 1(C04) C06
teaclovers 1(C03)
benelie 1 2 C06
jackie 1(C07) 2(C02) C10
cerberusk 1 2 C02
chewyyyyyy 1 2 C02
czarnalukrecja 1(C05) C08
darlingbones 1
failuretoland 1(C04) C07
frootloopkicker 1(C05) C09
goodbye_anymore 1 C01
hermionesparkle 1(C02) C03
holidaylights 1 C02
immortalje 1 2 C01
jam_min 1 2(C03) C05
juliet42 1(C04) 2(C03) C06
jyusan 1 C03
kala_way 1 2(C04) C07
lauralovesnaley 1 C01
leftofmyheart 1(C03) C04
miss_grain 1 C04
miss_un_known 1(C05) C08
nightsunshine 1 C05
megalicious 1(C07)
pebls 1(C03) 2(C02) C04
purely_distel 1(C01) C02
rahelcsy 1 C03
senbonzakura77 1 C02
setentpet 1(C03) C04
shorecallssea 1(C05) C06
justmyb0nes 1 2(C08)
star_girl42 1 C07
stellazeee 1(C08) C09
zekkass 1 C03
sterre 1 C10
#/participants: 04

Next week I will be polling the comm for challenge themes.
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