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Black & White
Last Icon Maker Standing
Round Seven: Challenge Nine — Results!!!!!! 
25th-May-2011 12:43 pm
Dexter || BW
Eliminated: hermionesparkle
People's Choice: rahelcsy

So um... I fail hardcore.
Here are the results for challenge nine. I don't think it'd be fair to continue the competition as it's been almost 18 months since participants have made icons for this competition. People change and styles change, yeah?
Therefore, congrats to 00mina, immortalje, and rahelcsy for "lasting" this round.
I am contemplating re-opening bwchallenge, our sister community, in a bi-weekly format. I haven't gauged the interest in a competitive black and white icon community though and I'm not sure how successful bwchallenge or bwlims would be. If bwchallenge becomes "successful" (decent number of entries and I can maintain the schedule), I will seriously consider re-opening bwlims. Until then, unfortunately, bwlims has run its course. =\
This challenge was like the cliffhanger from hell and I sincerely apologize for putting the communities members through that.

w/ +0 + -6 = -6 votes

People's Choice:
w/ +6 + -2 = +4 votes

01: (-01)(+01) = 0
02: (+06)
03: (-03)
04: (-03)(+01) = -02
05: (-03)
06: (-01)
07: (-01)(+01) = 0
08: (-06)
Votes have been unscreened
23rd-Jun-2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
Just checking in again and wow... looking back at my icons (I think I can still recognise them), I can distinctly remember being sure that I would have been the one to be eliminated.

Thanks for closing it down and giving all of us an update. I'll see about participating at bw_challenge if you get a new challenge up. :)
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